The university is an integral education-research-production complex which functioning is provided by: obligatory participation of the scientific organizations and structural divisions in training students and post-graduate students or in the organization and maintenance of educational process; execution by all structural divisions of decisions of the academic council and university administration; forming of the centralized funds at the university due to the deductions made by the divisions included in its structure.

The Academic Council of the University deals with all the questions of principal regarding the University activities. The Council consists of more than 70 members, who represent the academic schools of the University, principal organization departments, the studentship. Over 40 members of the Academic Council are Doctors of Science and Professors. The overall direction of the University is carried out by the Rector. At the present time the Rector's position is held by Lysak Vladimir Ilyich, Member of Coordinating Council for Development of Innovational Activity in the Volgograd Region, Member of Expertise Council for Development of Production Complex of the Volgograd Region. Particular areas of work are supervised by the following persons:

The scientific and technical section is functioning along with the Academic Council. Together the Academic Council and the Rectorate create the top level of university management. Scientific and methodological Council resolves issues of academic and methodical work.

The second level of management is formed by the dean's offices of the faculties:

and the councils of these faculties. The teaching councils of academic areas work under the guidance of the faculty councils.

The basic structural divisions of the faculties are chairs. There are 48 faculty chairs at the university.