January 28

Since January 26 at Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute has been working the 14th research and practice conference of teaching staff of the Institute. There are 8 sections: “Computers and automation”, “the Humanities”,  “Natural sciences”, “Mechanics, machines and material science and technologies of processing”, “New educational systems and technologies, methodic tasks of education in high school”, “Economic issues”, “Chemistry, processes, equipment and technologies of chemical production” and “Informatics and information technologies in education, science and production”.

The most numerous (in the number of participants) are three sections, where the results of scientific researches in informatics, economy and chemistry are being studied - more than 25 works in each.

This annual event can become the starting point for new scientific developments, which can be successfully applied. For example, in the section “Mechanics, machines and material science and technologies of processing”which was held on the 27th of January, the Head of Chair “Automobile transport” of VPI U.I. Moiseev and the 5 year student E.U. Kovaleva presented a report “Educational test bench for studying in the sphere of tachography” and the Head of laboratory VAT O.V. Renskov demonstrated his work “Peculiarities of installation of gas equipment, operating with methane”. In the opinion of collegues, these works deserve to be presented at the regional contest of scientific grants.

The Conference will be held up to 31st of January.

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