Green Sprout – 2017

Информация о событии
3 April 2017

The XVII open contest of the young researchers and students’ research works in the Economics and Management Area “Green Sprout – 2017” opened today at VSTU.

The first Vice-Rector of VSTU Alexander Navrotsky remarked that this contest was very important and well-timed because the participants’ ideas would be translated into the real projects organized for our region.

This year the guests from Krasnodar, Kalmykia, Astrakhan, Kamyshin and Donetsk came to the conference.

The students from Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade presented the report “New silk way – the way of the development of external economic links of Donetsk People's Republic”. Eugeniya Gofman, third-year student from the Economics and Management Faculty of VSTU, told about the model of development of accountancies in different countries. The students from Kamyshin Technological Institute (affiliate of VSTU) made the audio guide “Travelling to merchant Kamyshin”. These works were presented in the nomination “Green leaf”.

In late afternoon there was the presentation of the works in the nomination “Green branch” (4th-6th year-students) and tomorrow the nomination “Green tree” will be dedicated to the lectures made by Master Degree students, PhD students and young researchers up to age 35.