XXXIII festival of STEMs – the 2nd day of the contest

Информация о событии
31 March 2017

The second day of the XXXIII international festival of the student theaters of variety miniatures ‘Earth is the planet of people” took place yesterday at Volgograd Music Theatre.

The young people from the collective “Thank you” (Novomoskovsk) presented the performance “Little nothings of life or One day on the Internet”. Internet gives us different hobbies but people can’t substitute their life, the sky and the trees with their favorite gadgets.

Then the organization “Welders’ children” (VSTU, Volgograd) dedicated their show to the theme “Television”: “Have you ever felt able to excel the TV presenters at their work”? This performance was full of funny and creative jokes.

The theatre “Quarter 311” presented several brilliant miniatures about love, attention to our loved ones and disregard to the real life.

The STEM “Quarter” (Samara) made the miniature “Heritors”. The rich uncle dies and after all the quarrels his relatives realize that the family is their main treasure.

The youth theater “Standing point” (Volgograd State University) made a very touching play based on the famous Russian writers Nadezhda Teffi and Anton Chekhov’s novels. It was full of emotions and impressed the spectators a lot.

The final performance was created by the theatre “Quotations” (Kamyshin Technological Institute, affiliate of VSTU). It was dedicated to the moral dilemma: family or money? How to save the soul in such a painful trial? The miniature was made in the genre of fantastic fiction.