The best poetry in Russian

Информация о событии
24 March 2017

In the run-up to the International Poetry Day the international students took part in the traditional academic contest of reciters for the third year-students. This year the contest took place under the slogan “The best poetry in Russian”. It’s common knowledge that the best poetry is chosen with time. It becomes part of cultural heritage. The international guests study the poetry in order to understand the country, our language, concrete speech situations. 

The contest is organized in several stages. On the first stage the students acquaint themselves with the selected poetry and choose the favorite poem, learn it by heart and define the best reciter in the group. The winners pass to the final stage where the best reciter is chosen by jury (teachers and students).

This year 8 students became laureates. Nguyen Thi Lyn, Hissein Addum Dagga and Mututva Mututva won the contest. The winners got the diplomas from the Organizing Committee of the international contest.