Projects and Programs

The international projects within Tempus program, joint grants of the Ministry of Education and Science and DAAD, the international grants of the RFBR are annually implemented at the University. The University chairs constantly take part in competitions of projects in the FP7 programs, TEMPUS, DAAD, in the international competitions of the RFBR, Erasmus Mundus, etc.

Most actively the University participates in the implementation of Tempus program, one of programs of the European Union, directed at assisting the development of systems of higher education in the partner countries (not members of EU). The main objective of the program is cooperation expansion in the field of higher education between the European Union and the partner countries in the context of the implementation of Lisbon strategy and Bologna Process. Participation in this program allows the University to implement priorities of the Russian educational policy in the sphere of higher education, the integration of the Russian higher school into the all-European educational space.

The title of the programPeriod of validity
The TEMPUS JEP-25070-2004 project «Modernization of Education in ICT at South Russian Universities»2005 — 2008
The TEMPUS JEP-25020-2004 project «Foreign Language Education for Russian Technical Universities on the Volga»2005 — 2008
The TEMPUS JEP-25188-2004 project «Ecological Engineering in Chemical and Biotechnologies»2005 — 2008
The TEMPUS JEP-26108-2005 project «Network for universities and enterprises cooperation»2006 — 2009
TEMPUS JEP-27082-2006 project «Network of centers for training of innovative project management»2007 — 2010
The TEMPUS ETF-JP-00132-2008 project «International networking for modernization of tourism education and developing academic mobility»2008 — 2011
The project 159305-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-DE-Tempus-JPCR «Advanced M. Sc. Program in Ecology for Volga – Caspian`Вasin»2009 — 2012