Academic and Scientific literature publishing of the Volgograd State Technical University (ASLP of VSTU)

Academic and Scientific literature publishing of the Volgograd State Technical University (ASLP of VSTU), is one of the main subdivisions of the university, the aim of which is to perform printing and publishing functions of the Volgograd State Technical University on a highly qualified professional level. ASLP of VSTU implements its work according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the Charter of the University.

One of the components of the ASLP of VSTU is the printing and publishing department (PPD), the aim of which is to perform publishing functions of VSTU on a highly qualified professional level.

The main objective of PPD is organization and implementation of printing and publishing activity of the university education (text books and learning aids), scientific (monographs, collected works of scientific conferences, academic periodicals) and theoretical and methodological literature, which meets the requirements of the State Educational Standard in order to ensure the educational process.

In compliance with its objectives PPD performs following function:

  • Forming in compliance with the established order of the university together with the editorial advisory board (EAB) of VSTU yearly themed plans of literature publishing (of the positively reviewed manuscripts that were considered during the EAB board meeting;
  • Work with plans of editorially-prepared works on the basis of faculties’ applications;
  • Publishing of planned manuscripts;
  • Implementation of specific components of the editorial-and-publishing cycle: editing, preparation of make-up pages etc;
  • Methodological and counseling work with faculties, departments, library and other subdivision of the university on the questions of literature publishing;
  • Defining of the printing and publishing process technology.

Additionally PPD performs following types of work on paid basis:

  • Prepares to publishing on contract terms those types of publications which are included in the "Regulations on the issue of the printed products to the contract terms."
  • Renders services to the general public:
    • Implementation of the full editorial-and-publishing cycle and its specific elements – editing, text capture, make-up pages preparation, proofreading etc.


Printing and publishing activity is implemented by the ASLP of VSTU and the following works are performed:

  • production of books, journals, author’s abstracts of dissertations, brochures, booklets, albums, calendars (quarterly, pocket, desktop), paper bags;
  • printing (copying) of posters, newspapers, flyers, letterhead, etc.
  • post-printing processing: trimming, rounding corners, laminating (matte, glossy), foil stamping, folding, perfect binding BSC (thermal binding), hardcover, beaming on the metal and plastic spring clip on the bond, gluing.

Printing office performs its work on its own equipment:

  • plate-sheering machine for unwinding of paper rolls (sheeter A1);
  • cutters of large formats;
  • rizografs (including color A3 Riso ComColor 7050);
  • laser copier-printer-scanner Xerox 700i A3;
  • stitching-crease complex Duplo System 3500 for automatic fitting of the sheets;
  • sewing machines;
  • laminators;
  • press stamping;
  • perfect binder Aurora-976Z5;
  • thermal printing machine and many others.



Kubasov Alexander Anaolyevich


Printing and publishing department (PPD)

Kuznetsova Ludmila Pavlovna


Printing office

Barannikova Tatyana Ivanovna